50 Rolls Disposable Dirty Diaper Bags

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Product Overview

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift or present for a new parent? Look no further! What better gift than easy-to-open bags to help make their lives a little easier and cleaner. Includes 50 rolls with 12 scented or unscented, tie handle bags per roll that can be sold individually.

The perfect refill rolls of disposable bags for your duffel dispenser or your diaper bag. The tie handles make dirty diaper disposal easy and stress free. With gusseted sides and extra long handles, it is super easy to dispose of any size diaper or even multiple diapers in the same bag. The scented bags helps conceal the smell of dirty diapers. Bring the bags when you travel or are on-the-go and be ready for any mess. Keep the bags in your car, stroller, or backpack for quick and easy access.

Perfect For
  • Dirty diapers
  • Soiled baby clothes
  • Wet swimsuits
  • Pet waste
  • Car trash
  • Dirty shoes
  • And more!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review